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Searching for a Medical Billing Bureau Lady Frere?

Medical Claims and Case Management Service Provider Focused on EXCELLENCE

Billing Bureau Lady Frere

Billing Bureau Lady Frere

Your Medical Billing Bureau Lady Frere

Alt-Med is a Billing Bureau Lady Frere and provides an HOLISTIC claims management service to providers of healthcare: General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals, using case management principles, thereby providing funders insight into the service they are paying for.  Continuous Funder Relations Management through communication and where needed meeting with funder managers. We will advocate on behalf of our clients where disputes arise to ensure that patient care is not compromised by disagreements due to funding.

A Billing Bureau Lady Frere Can Trust

What We Do



  • Streamlined claims management within legislative framework
  • Reduction in debtors and overall increase in cash flow per practice / client
  • Above average benchmark in collection vs. debtors days
  • Effective management of available resources and time

Case Management Process

  • All pre-existing conditions and complications will be provided to funders through ICD10 coding, providing insight into complication of patients’ management. Any adverse response to treatment will be communicated to funders.
  • A process of continuous communication with funders for patients who are receiving chronic (long term) medical care will be established and used to ensure streamlined payments of related claims.

Work flow Strategy

  • Accurate collection of patients information and services rendered
  • Registration of future medical services by means of pre-authorisations process
  • Coding of conditions as per patient condition and Dr’s diagnosis
  • Billing of tariffs as per services provided
  • Registration of PMB conditions
  • Billing and Submission of claims

Workflow Strategy

  • Credit Control: following up of claims submitted/outstanding claims
  • Case manage – clinical information exchange: pathology/radiology reports/initial & consultation reports
  • Continuous monitoring of age analysis per practice
  • Statistics and reporting on age analysis per practice
  • Data collection for interpretation of clinical guidelines and treatment protocols per practice speciality
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Up to a maximum of 10% will be charged for all collected claims as at last day of each month according to practices bank statement. Upfront private patient payments excluded from monthly fees. Fees charged for private patients’ accounts will only be based on Alt-Med’s collections for these claims

Our Billing Bureau Lady Frere Services

We aim to be the preferred Billing Bureau Lady Frere, medical claims and case management service provider for all specialities of medical practice and allied health professionals.

  • Billing Bureau Lady Frere and Claims Submission
  • Case Management of Service Provided
  • Credit Control – following up and collecting outstanding claims
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Medical Practice Administrative staff training
  • Reducing Debtors Days and Overall Bad Debt

Practice Staff Training Information

Alt-Med will assist practices in developing a process flow and practice specific policies and procedures that will improve patient administrative process, ultimately improving practices cash flow. Alt-Med will continuously provide valuable information from the governing bodies in private health care: Council for Medical Scheme’s and BHF
Alt-Med will provide training to administrative staff of existing well established practices in the following areas: